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Chania Region

Travel Guide to Chania Region

The Chania region, nestled on the northwest coast of the magnificent island of Crete, beckons with its enchanting allure. Renowned for housing some of Greece’s most pristine beaches, its natural landscape is a breathtaking blend of azure waters and rugged terrains. But the beauty of Chania doesn’t stop at its shores. Venture further and be charmed by picturesque towns and villages, each echoing tales of the past and offering a taste of authentic Cretan life.

Whether you’re in search of tranquil beachside relaxation, thrilling hikes through majestic gorges, or a culinary journey in delightful eateries, Chania promises a treasure trove of experiences. Dive deep into this captivating region and uncover the best that Chania has to offer in terms of activities, accommodation, and gastronomy!

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  • 88 Κωνσταντινου Μεφα
  • From
  • €56 /night
  • 9.5 of 10
  • 1 Κορωναίου
  • From
  • €116 /night
  • 9.7 of 10
  • 61 Σκαλίδη
  • From
  • €224 /night
  • 10 of 10
  • 35 Μπετόλο
  • 9.6 of 10
  • 5 Vironos Ground floor
  • 9.5 of 10
  • Κόκκινου Μετοχιου 9
  • 9.5 of 10
  • Κόκκινου Μετοχιου 9
  • From
  • €82 /night
  • 10 of 10
  • 118 Εφέδρων Πολεμιστών
  • From
  • €135 /night
  • 9.8 of 10

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