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Askidia Gorge

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Gorge description

The Prasses or Askidia canyon is nestled within the forested area of the White Mountains. The exit of this canyon is situated close to the Askidia village (at an elevation of 480m), which is a section of the Prasses village, hence the dual names. To find the beginning of the canyon, you need to drive on the road from Chania to Sougia, then take a turn at Petras Seli intersection that leads to Omalos Plateau. After approximately 1.5km past the turnoff to Omalos, you will come across a dirt road and footpath that lead to the Platanos area. This region is captivating with its ferns, plane trees, and water springs. It is also the starting point of the lush Prasses canyon, a journey that takes roughly 2 hours.

The gorge boasts striking vertical walls and is surrounded by a thick pine forest (the northernmost in the Chania prefecture). This, combined with the river bed’s deciduous trees (such as maples and sycamores), creates a stunning landscape, particularly in the fall. The canyon is perfect for leisurely hikes along its riverbed, taking photos, and bird watching. Additionally, there are 2-3 small caves along the walls. Upon exiting the gorge, you will encounter the tiny hamlet of Askidia, concealed within a thick chestnut forest. If you don’t have a car, an additional half-hour walk will take you to the picturesque Prasses village.


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What is Askidia Gorge?

Askidia Gorge is a hiking gorge located in the Chania region.

What type of gorge is Askidia Gorge?

Askidia Gorge is a hiking gorge.

What kind of water can be found in Askidia Gorge?

Water till spring and springs can be found in Askidia Gorge.

How accessible is Askidia Gorge?

Askidia Gorge is accessible by walking.

How long is Askidia Gorge?

Askidia Gorge is 2.5 km long.

What is the difficulty level of Askidia Gorge?

The difficulty level of Askidia Gorge is 2 out of 10.

How many hours does it take to hike Askidia Gorge?

It takes approximately 2 hours to hike Askidia Gorge.

What is the altitude difference in Askidia Gorge?

The altitude difference in Askidia Gorge is 400.
Note: The name of the gorge is Askidia Gorge.

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