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Theriso village

Town description

Nestled at the base of the Lefka Mountains and a mere 16 kilometers from Chania, lies the scenic village of Theriso. Accessible through the winding 6-kilometer long Theriso gorge, this verdant enclave, albeit remote, offers a comfortable journey on an asphalted narrow road.

Notable for its enchanting beauty and significant history, Theriso is the birthplace of Eleftherios Venizelos’s mother. This renowned politician initiated the 1905 Revolution right here in Theriso. A preserved house, once used as headquarters during the uprising, and a museum dedicated to the Cretan Revolution are some of the town’s attractions.

Enjoy a laid-back experience at the village’s taverns and coffeehouses lining the main street, each providing a relaxing spot under the area’s towering trees.

For adventurers, Theriso gorge houses a secure climbing spot with four distinct sections. From Theriso, climbers can ascend to Pachnes, the highest peak of the Lefka Mountains, standing at an elevation of 2,500 meters above sea level. History enthusiasts might also enjoy visiting the Kato Sarakina or Elliniko cavern, located 2 kilometers north of the village, where fragments from the Neolithic, Minoan, and Geometrical eras were discovered.

Historical Context:

Theriso’s strategic geographical location and natural fortification made it a pivotal site during the Cretan Revolution. Despite being under attack by 5000 Ottomans led by Latif Pasha during the Turkish Occupation, 300 brave rebels at the gorge’s entrance managed to hold their ground, resulting in numerous battles and 500 Turkish casualties.

In 1866, Moustafa Naili Pasha razed the village, forcing inhabitants, including Stiliani Ploumidaki, Eleftherios Venizelos’s mother, to evacuate. Years after liberation from the Turks, Eleftherios Venizelos launched a revolution in 1905 against Prince George to unite Crete with Greece. Theriso then became the seat of a provisional government under Venizelos.


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Most frequent asked questions

What is the average temperature in Theriso village?

The average temperature in Theriso village ranges from 15°C to 30°C, depending on the season.

Where is Theriso village located?

Theriso village is located in the Chania region of Crete, Greece 16 kilometers from Chania City.

What is the nearest airport to Theriso village?

The nearest airport to Theriso village is Chania International Airport (CHQ), which is approximately 20 km away.

What are some attractions near Theriso village?

Some popular attractions near Theriso village include the Theriso Gorge, the Agia Triada Monastery, the Samaria Gorge, and the Venetian Harbor in Chania.

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