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Chrissi Akti beach

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Beach description

Situated 2.5km west of Chania city and just east of Agii Apostoli, you’ll find the glistening Golden Beach, or Hrissi Akti as it’s known in Greek. It’s essentially two sandy beaches separated by a rocky outcrop. The western cove is the primary Golden Beach, while the eastern one is the quieter Aptera beach. The west bay is the more popular of the two, boasting excellent facilities such as umbrellas, lifeguards, showers, cafes, water sports and more. Its fine golden sand and shallow waters are particularly appealing to families with young children, and there’s even a playground nearby.

Aptera beach, on the other side of the rocky divide, offers a more tranquil experience. It’s less developed and has the remnants of the Aptera Beach hotel which was abandoned in the late 90s due to financial difficulties. This beach is perfect for those looking for solitude and is conveniently close to Chania.

The entire Agii Apostoli area is dotted with small parks filled with pine and eucalyptus trees. Access to Golden Beach is easy, either by bus from Chania or by foot.