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Agii Apostoli beaches

Beach description

The Agii Apostoli, also known as the Holy Apostles, is home to two breathtaking beaches situated merely 3km west of Chania. The first beach, nestled next to the eastern edge of Glaros beach, boasts soft sand, full amenities, and ample parking, making it easily accessible. The beach is shielded from winds by a small peninsula to its west, which also houses a picturesque park ideal for leisurely walks and the iconic chapel of the Holy Apostles, the namesake for the surrounding area.

A stone’s throw to the east, a second equally enchanting semicircular cove emerges, featuring stunning green-hued waters and fine sandy beaches. The awe-inspiring rock formations that flank the beach only add to its allure. Adjacent to the eastern end of this beach, a small pine grove stretches out towards Chrissi Akti.

Both coves can be accessed either by bus from Chania or by foot. Additionally, Agii Apostoli is perfect for cyclists and pedestrians alike, thanks to the expansive paved road. With an array of high-grade hotels nearby, accommodation options are plentiful in the area.