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Kalamaki beach - Chania

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Beach description

The coastal resort of Kalamaki, situated 6km west of Chania city, serves as the beachfront extension of Galatas village. Nestled within a rich, fertile plain adorned with citrus and olive groves, Galatas once relied heavily on agriculture; however, tourism now drives the region’s economy.

Kalamaki marks the western end of an extensive beach that begins 1km eastwards at Agii Apostoli. Its attractive shoreline features fine sand and gentle waters, offering a well-equipped and organized beach experience. Facilities include beach umbrellas, showers, lifeguard services, accommodation, dining, beach bars, and water sports. Additionally, a tiny, secluded cove exists next to the beach’s western edge, set apart from the main beach by a slim sand strip. Regular city bus services from Chania center provide easy access to Kalamaki.

Galatas is the birthplace of Mikis Theodorakis, a distinguished modern Greek composer and activist, who suffered poisoning under the military dictatorship that seized Greece in April 1967. He was also a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. During the Turkish Occupation, Galatas was a Christian-inhabited village, while the nearby Daratsos was occupied by Ottomans.

Glaros Beach

Glaros Beach, characterized by its spacious bay stretching from Holy Apostles to Kalamaki, boasts soft sand and crystal-clear, shallow waters. Tamarisk trees providing natural shade line the beach, contributing to its status as one of Chania’s most popular beaches. However, its northern exposure means it can get windy, making the sheltered coves of Holy Apostles a suitable alternative. Its excellent facilities, stunning beach, and convenient access to and from Chania make Glaros an ideal holiday destination.