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79 Beaches with Lifeguard on Crete Island

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  • Paralia Schisma Elountas
  • Sand
  • Normal
  • Blue

Elounda’s Skisma Beach is a picturesque sandy enclave, perfect for families. Its cleanliness and organization make it especially welcoming.

Little ones delight in its flat sandy terrain and the playground, while older kids gravitate towards the available water sports. Occasional winds result in bigger waves, offering simple surfing opportunities.

With convenient facilities like restrooms and showers, coupled with an array of nearby taverns, it’s an ideal spot for families with children.

  • Georgioupolis beaches
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Georgioupolis, a small coastal town located 38km east of Chania and 21km west of Rethymnon, is a seaside resort nestled in a verdant valley crisscrossed by rivers and springs. Situated on the western edge of a sprawling 10km beach, the town’s beach spans 2km to the east, beginning at the Almiros river and terminating at Kavros beach, a natural continuation of the former. The beach in Georgioupolis is sandy, dotted with dunes, and has shallow waters.

The beach is well-maintained and child-friendly, with lifeguards on duty. Caution is advised during windy conditions due to sea currents. Amenities such as umbrellas, showers, and food and drink stalls are available for beachgoers. Approximately 700m east of the port, the Perastikos river bifurcates the beach, which then widens as it continues eastward. On the opposite end, west of Georgioupolis’s port and near the Almyros river’s exit, lies the picturesque Kalivaki beach.

  • Voulisma beach
  • White Sand
  • Shallow
  • Turquoise

Voulisma Beach, one of Crete’s most celebrated coastal destinations, is a favoured stop for those journeying to this gorgeous island. Nestled in a shielded cove south of Agios Nikolaos and north of Ierapetra, Voulisma’s accessibility from Heraklion makes it a convenient beach spot.

Distinguished by its clear, shallow turquoise waters, smooth sand intermingled with pebbles, and its well-appointed amenities, Voulisma Beach has been recognized with the prestigious Blue Flag award. Even though the beach may attract crowds during peak times, its exceptional beauty certainly warrants a visit.

Voulisma Beach can be found on Crete’s northeastern coast, near Istro or Istron village. It’s the most notable of several beaches dotted around the trio of bays at Istro, all part of the larger Mirabello Gulf. The larger town of Agios Nikolaos is a 13 km coastal drive north, while Ierapetra lies 22 km south.

In the vicinity of Voulisma Beach, the intriguing archaeological site of Gournia is a standout attraction. Located near Pachia Ammos village and around 10 km east of Voulisma Beach, it is one of the most well-excavated Minoan towns on Crete. Once a bustling ancient settlement, it was ravaged by an earthquake and subsequently abandoned.

Around 11 km southeast of Voulisma Beach, on a steep slope, sits the captivating Panagia Faneromeni Monastery. Worth visiting for its stunning church built into a cave and the awe-inspiring sea views, this monastery is a well-known destination in Crete. Every year on the 15th of August, it becomes a pilgrimage site, drawing visitors from across the island.

  • Hersonissos beaches
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Hersonissos, a bustling tourist hotspot in Crete situated just 28km to the east of Heraklion, is renowned for its tranquil beaches and calm seas – a rarity along the northern coast of Crete due to the prevailing northern winds. The most serene beaches can be found to the west of the port, shielded by the Cape Sarandaris. Towards the east of the port, however, lie the resort’s most frequented beaches.

As you venture east from the port of Hersonissos, the first sight to greet you is a sprawling, narrow, sandy beach, buzzing with throngs of beachgoers. It’s impeccably organized and conveniently close to the city’s amenities, though it may not be the best choice for those seeking a more serene environment.

Journeying further east, a series of small, sandy coves become apparent, primarily situated in front of hotels. Of these, Silva Maris Beach stands out with its high level of organization, a lifeguard, and numerous facilities. Continuing eastwards, you’ll encounter Star Beach, one of Crete’s most populous beaches, largely patronized by British and Dutch tourists. Lastly, near Cape Drapanos lie the peaceful beaches of Eastern Hersonissos, offering a quieter seaside experience.

  • Plakias beach