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Hersonissos beaches

Beach description

Hersonissos, a bustling tourist hotspot in Crete situated just 28km to the east of Heraklion, is renowned for its tranquil beaches and calm seas – a rarity along the northern coast of Crete due to the prevailing northern winds. The most serene beaches can be found to the west of the port, shielded by the Cape Sarandaris. Towards the east of the port, however, lie the resort’s most frequented beaches.

As you venture east from the port of Hersonissos, the first sight to greet you is a sprawling, narrow, sandy beach, buzzing with throngs of beachgoers. It’s impeccably organized and conveniently close to the city’s amenities, though it may not be the best choice for those seeking a more serene environment.

Journeying further east, a series of small, sandy coves become apparent, primarily situated in front of hotels. Of these, Silva Maris Beach stands out with its high level of organization, a lifeguard, and numerous facilities. Continuing eastwards, you’ll encounter Star Beach, one of Crete’s most populous beaches, largely patronized by British and Dutch tourists. Lastly, near Cape Drapanos lie the peaceful beaches of Eastern Hersonissos, offering a quieter seaside experience.