Beaches with Showers facilities in Crete

Find a beach with Showers facilities near you

Our website features more than 125 beaches in Crete equipped with shower facilities, combining the allure of the island’s natural beauty with the comfort of modern amenities.

These beaches understand the convenience of being able to rinse off after a dip in the sea or a session of sunbathing on the sand. For example, tucked away from the usual tourist trail, Maridaki Beach provides visitors with shower facilities, making it a delightful blend of natural beauty and comfort. Similarly, the tranquil Kedrodasos Beach, with its unique cedar forest surroundings, is equipped with showers for the comfort of its visitors.

Orthi Ammos Beach near Frangokastello, known for its picturesque sand dunes, also boasts shower facilities, enhancing the overall beach experience. These beaches and many more offer the perfect combination of the rugged charm of Crete’s coastline with convenient amenities, making your beach day both exciting and comfortable.

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