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About Malia beach

Malia is one of the most touristic resorts in Crete, located 35km east of Heraklion. It is famous for its wild nightlife and the third largest Minoan palacein Crete, Malia Palace. Malia could not get developed in tourism without its sandy beaches. The beach of Malia is the eastern part of the 6km long bay starting from Stalis. It is a wide beach with fine sand and shallow water. It is usually very crowded, so there is no space between the sunbeds to fit a pin! Here you can find whatever comfort you ask. Apart from the classic umbrellas and water sports, you will find some extreme services, like massage, a gym on the beach, bars at the hotel pools, and many more.

If you seek for a peaceful beach, Malia is definitely not one of the places you want to visit. One option is to head east, beyond the local port, where there are the quiet beaches of Pirgos and Potamos. Opposite the main beach of Malia at position Klotzani, there is the small islet with the scenic chapel of the Transfiguration of Christ, perhaps the most famous portrait of Malia.




What activities can I do at Malia beach?

There are various activities you can do at Malia beach such as swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides.

Is Malia beach suitable for families with children?

Yes, Malia beach is suitable for families with children as the water is shallow and calm. There are also lifeguards on duty during the day.

Are there any restaurants or cafes near Malia beach?

Yes, there are several restaurants and cafes near Malia beach where you can enjoy a meal or a drink while enjoying the view of the sea.

Can I rent beach chairs and umbrellas at Malia beach?

Yes, you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas at Malia beach for a fee.

Is Malia beach accessible for people with disabilities?

Malia beach is partially accessible for people with disabilities. There are ramps and special chairs available for those who need assistance to access the water.

What is the best time to visit Malia beach?

The best time to visit Malia beach is during the summer months (June to September) when the weather is warm and sunny. However, it can get crowded during peak season.

What is the water colour of the beach?

The water colour of the beach is blue.

What type of sand is found on the beach?

The beach has sand as its sand type.

How deep is the water at the beach?

The water at the beach is shallow.

What is the surface of the sea like at the beach?

The sea surface at the beach is usually wavy.

Is the beach usually crowded?

Yes, the beach is a crowded place.

What facilities are available at the beach?

The beach offers accommodation options, food/water nearby, umbrellas/beds, sports, lifeguard, showers, and a Blue Flag.

What are the access options to the beach?

The beach can be accessed through bus services and a paved road.

Is there any other information available about the beach?

No, there is no other information available about the beach.

Beach facilities

  • Accommodation options
  • Food / water nearby
  • Umbrellas / beds
  • Sports
  • Lifeguard
  • Showers
  • Blue Flag


  • Crowded place

Water depths

  • Shallow

Beach sand type

  • Sand

Sea surface

  • Usually wavy

Water colour

  • Blue


  • Bus services

Other information

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