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Drapanos beaches

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Living on the island of Crete, about 28km east of Heraklion, you’ll find the popular tourist town of Hersonissos. It’s known for its array of beaches, particularly on the eastern side. Located a short 2km distance from the Hersonissos port, these delightful coves extend up to the Drapanos Cape. The most vibrant among them is Star Beach, known for being one of the island’s busiest spots.

As you travel further east, there are several small, scenic sandy and pebbly coves that offer a feeling of tranquillity. Some of these secluded spots enjoy cool water due to the presence of freshwater springs in the sea. Next to these coves, you’ll find the Lychnostatis Folklore Museum, a place where visitors can delve into the historical Cretan way of life.

The final beach in the Hersonissos vicinity is located in front of the Nana Beach Hotel, at the edge of Drapano Cape, and is accessible by heading east. This well-maintained beach has sunbeds and a lifeguard on duty, with a variety of water sports and beach bars available. Thanks to the protection offered by two long piers, this beach enjoys calm waters all year round, as it’s shielded from the north winds.