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Georgioupolis beaches

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Beach description

Georgioupolis, a small coastal town located 38km east of Chania and 21km west of Rethymnon, is a seaside resort nestled in a verdant valley crisscrossed by rivers and springs. Situated on the western edge of a sprawling 10km beach, the town’s beach spans 2km to the east, beginning at the Almiros river and terminating at Kavros beach, a natural continuation of the former. The beach in Georgioupolis is sandy, dotted with dunes, and has shallow waters.

The beach is well-maintained and child-friendly, with lifeguards on duty. Caution is advised during windy conditions due to sea currents. Amenities such as umbrellas, showers, and food and drink stalls are available for beachgoers. Approximately 700m east of the port, the Perastikos river bifurcates the beach, which then widens as it continues eastward. On the opposite end, west of Georgioupolis’s port and near the Almyros river’s exit, lies the picturesque Kalivaki beach.