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Kavros beach

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Beach description

Located between Georgioupoli and Pyrgos, Kavros refers to the expansive beach situated just 4 km east of Georgioupoli, near the hotel bearing the same name. Though the area has experienced substantial tourist development, it’s somewhat less commercialized compared to the adjacent Georgioupolis. Kavros beach is a sandy stretch with transparent, shallow waters; however, its openness to the wind often results in notable wave activity. The beach provides several facilities for visitors, including an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars, making it a perfect spot for an all-day excursion. For those seeking tranquillity, parts of the beach remain unorganized, offering a more serene experience.

The place at its greatest part is developed and only a very small part of it has been left untouched. Between the remaining virgin parts of the beach, there is an extensive and very important ecosystem of dunes. The dunes of Kavros, like all dunes, host a significant and very fragile ecosystem that is home to its own plants. The most important role of the dunes in Crete is that they protect the inner lands from erosion. In the area, in winter we meet small ponds and the landscape is quite different from the summer.