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Stavros (i.e. cross) is a seaside village located 17km northeast of Chania, at the northernmost edge of Cape Akrotiri. One characteristic feature of the area is the very steep camel-shaped mountain Vardies rising opposite the harbour of Stavros. The mountain is famous because there were filmed scenes for the film “Zorba the Greek”, where Anthony Quinn danced the famous Sirtaki Dance in 1964. Then Stavros was a humble small fishing village. Today the region has become a major tourist resort with many hotels and important tourist infrastructures. The two beautiful beaches of the area have contributed to the development of the area.

The main beach is located east of the village, at the foot of the mountain Vardies, and next to the picturesque harbour. A semicircular lagoon is formed, fully protected by winds blowing in the region. The small bay has marvellous white sand and shallow turquoise water. The contrast of the wild mountain with the peaceful beach in the foreground makes Stavros a unique place for swimming. As expected, the beach is very well organized and provides all possible services. The second beach of Stavros is located north of the village, 200m northwest of the main beach. It has sand and rocks in places and is less organized than the first, but cleaner. The main drawback of this is that it is unprotected and the sea is usually wavy. At the peninsula dividing the two beaches of Stavros, you can see the remains of the ancient quarry, used for extracting limestone for building the Walls of Chania during the Venetian Era (13th- 17th century).

In Stavros you will find many more options rather than accommodation and restaurants, such as mini markets, shops, cafes etc. Moreover, there are bus services from Chania city.



What activities can I do at Stavros beach?

There are various activities you can do at Stavros beach such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and beach volleyball.

Is Stavros beach suitable for families with children?

Yes, Stavros beach is suitable for families with children as the water is calm and shallow, making it safe for kids to swim.

Can I go fishing at Stavros beach?

Yes, you can go fishing at Stavros beach, but you need to obtain a fishing license first.

Are there any hiking trails near Stavros beach?

Yes, there are hiking trails near Stavros beach that offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and coastline.

Can I rent a boat or kayak at Stavros beach?

Yes, you can rent a boat or kayak at Stavros beach and explore the nearby coves and beaches.

Is there a sunset view at Stavros beach?

Yes, Stavros beach offers a beautiful sunset view that you can enjoy while relaxing on the beach or having a drink at one of the nearby bars.

What is the water colour of the Stavros beach?

The water colour of the beach is blue and green.

What type of sand is found on the Stavros beach?

The beach has sand.

How deep is the water at the Stavros beach?

The water at the beach is shallow.

What is the surface of the sea like at the Stavros beach?

The surface of the sea at the beach is usually calm.

What is the crowd like at the Stavros beach?

The beach has normal crowds.

What facilities are available at the Stavros beach?

The beach has accommodation options, food/water nearby, umbrellas/beds, sports, showers, and a Blue Flag.

How can I access the Stavros beach?

The beach can be accessed by bus services and a paved road.

Beach facilities

  • Accommodation options
  • Food / water nearby
  • Umbrellas / beds
  • Sports
  • Showers
  • Blue Flag


  • Normal

Water depths

  • Shallow

Beach sand type

  • Sand

Sea surface

  • Usually calm

Water colour

  • Blue
  • Green


  • Bus services

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