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Beaches with Blue Flag facilities in Crete

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A Blue Flag award is not merely an accolade for a beach’s beauty or popularity; it signifies a commitment to high standards that cover a broad range of factors. It’s not just about water purity, contrary to popular belief, but also includes numerous additional parameters.

To win this prestigious flag, the beach operator – often a municipality or a large hotel – must meet all 33 rigorous criteria set by the program. These include not only the quality of sea water, which is a basic prerequisite, but also the beach’s organization, health conditions, safety measures, information availability to bathers, cleanliness of the coast, and more.

In 2023 Crete claimed 139 Blue Flags – the highest among all Greek islands. These flags are spread across its four regions: Chania with 38, Rethymno with 20, Heraklion with 33, and Lasithi taking the lead with 48.

Vai Beach, famed for its unique natural palm forest, is one of the Blue Flag beach that assures visitors of its high environmental and quality standards. Almyrida, Falassarna, Agia Fotia and Stavros are other notable beaches on the island that proudly bear the Blue Flag label.

Each of these beaches offers not only breathtaking scenery but also a commitment to sustainable tourism and excellent services, ensuring an exceptional beach experience for all visitors.

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