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Platanias beach

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Beach description

Platanias, a coastal hamlet situated 11km west of the city of Chania, has seen a significant surge in tourism in recent years, transforming it from a quaint village into a bustling suburb of Chania. Its close proximity to the city, coupled with its stunning beach and frequent bus services from Chania, have made it the most favoured beach near the city. The original village, nestled on a hillside, offers a breathtaking view of the sea and the islet of Thodorou.

The beach in Platanias is an attractive stretch of sandy shore dotted with hotels of varying class and standard tourist facilities. Beachgoers can avail of all the amenities typical of well-organized beaches, including beach bars, umbrellas, showers, snack bars, lifeguards, and water sports. On the eastern side of the local harbour, near Agia Marina, swimmers can enjoy several small, man-made coves. In the summer, the area’s nightclubs come alive, hosting thousands of both Greek and foreign party-goers who dance until daybreak.