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Stalos beach

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Beach description

Situated 7km west of Chania, nestled between Kalamaki and Agia Marina, lies Stalos. This well-developed location magnetizes a significant amount of tourists each summer. The coastal region of Stalos, known as Kato Stalos, boasts a stunning sandy beach that is not only well-equipped but also provides all necessary touristic amenities. This makes it a yearly recipient of the coveted blue flag award.

Situated 150m to the south is Pano Stalos, a charming traditional village that is enveloped by lush green hills and striking rock formations.

Stalos serves as a perfect holiday destination due to its proximity to the city of Chania and its ability to cater to all the needs of its visitors. There are also frequent bus services to the city of Chania.

The name ‘Stalos’ is steeped in Cretan mythology, believed to be derived from Talos, a bronze giant who guarded the island from enemies by circling it thrice daily. Legend has it that Talos had his base in Stalos. However, it is more likely that the name ‘Stalos’, originates from the Greek verb stalizo, meaning to stop for rest. This is where local shepherds would halt with their flocks for rest, hence the English word ‘stall’ shares the same Greek roots.