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Agia Marina beach - Chania

Beach description

Agia Marina, a charming coastal town, lies just 9km west of the city of Chania. It’s one of Chania’s most sought-after holiday spots, boasting numerous hotels and a full range of tourist amenities. The town’s name is derived from the local Agia Marina church, which holds its festival on July 17th.

Agia Marina is renowned for its stunning chain of sandy beaches. To the west, near the Platania port, there are several small, man-made piers where swimming is possible. To the east, the beach extends to Stalos, offering a long stretch of sand. A variety of services are available along the seashore, typical of a well-appointed beach.

Around 1.5km south of the town, you’ll find the Nerospilia cave, home to spectacular stalagmites and stalactites. Unfortunately, public access is not permitted due to its location on private property. This cave was a place of worship during the Middle Minoan era. While in Agia Marina, don’t miss a visit to the local folklore museum.

Facing the beach of Agia Marina is the protected island of Thodorou, designated as a nature reserve. It’s a sanctuary for the endangered Cretan wild goats, relocated here from the White Mountains, near Samaria Gorge. While approaching the island is generally forbidden, limited boat tours are sometimes available with special permission from the Forest Service. The island’s small sandy beach in the tiny cove, which doubles as the harbour, offers wonderful views of Agia Marina.