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Beaches with Umbrellas an beds facilities in Crete

Find a beach with Umbrellas an beds facilities near you

Over 165 beaches listed on our website in Crete offer the provision of umbrellas and sunbeds, amplifying the comfort of your seaside experience. These facilities add a layer of convenience, allowing you to relax in the shade and sunbathe in comfort, adding an element of luxury to your beach day.

For instance, Maridaki Beach, a lesser-known but beautiful spot, offers a range of umbrellas and sunbeds to enjoy the idyllic surroundings. Kedrodasos Beach, despite its nature, and somewhat remote setting, provides these amenities as well, making it easier for visitors to spend an entire day by the sea.

Likewise, Orthi Ammos Beach, known for its stunning sand dunes, provides plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for visitors to take a break from the sun. These facilities enhance your beach visit by providing a spot to unwind, enjoy a beachside nap or simply gaze at the magnificent Cretan seascape.

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