Beaches with Food and water on Crete Island

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Our website lists over 250 beaches in Crete that are accompanied by convenient access to food and water facilities, allowing beachgoers to indulge in local cuisines and beverages while basking in the sun.

The captivating Elafonisi Beach is one such location where numerous beach bars and traditional tavernas are within easy reach, serving refreshing drinks and delectable local dishes. Similarly, Balos Beach offers a variety of food options, from charming seaside restaurants serving fresh seafood to cosy cafes offering cooling ice creams and drinks.

Vai Beach, famous for its vast palm forest, also provides a range of eateries, ensuring visitors never have to stray too far from their sunbathing for a satisfying meal. Additional beaches like Falassarna and Platanias go above and beyond by providing plenty of drinking water facilities alongside their food offerings. These beaches with nearby food and water facilities enhance the beach-going experience, allowing visitors to satiate their taste buds without leaving the mesmerizing sea views.

  • Katholiko Bay, Akrotiri
  • Rocks in places
  • Normal
  • Deep blue, Turquoise

Katholiko Bay, nestled in northwest Crete, is just a 30-minute drive from Chania. This captivating destination promises an adventurous hike that showcases numerous caves, a historic abandoned monastery, a stunning Avlaki gorge, and finally culminates at the picturesque Katholiko Bay. This beach once served as a port for the Katholiko Monastery, where monks used to dock and mend their boats. Its strategic location also made it a prime target for pirate invasions, leading to the monastery’s abandonment in the 16th century.

To embark on this adventure, start at the Gouverneto Monastery. A 30-minute trek will lead you to the deserted Katholiko Monastery. Venture below the bridge, traverse the Avlaki gorge, and in another 20 minutes, the mesmerizing beach awaits. While it’s a rocky haven devoid of sand, the crystalline waters more than compensate. With towering cliffs enclosing the beach, it’s an ideal spot for cliff-diving enthusiasts. Note that the area lacks shade, but there’s a quaint cave on the mountainside for some respite.

  • Paralia Schisma Elountas
  • Sand
  • Normal
  • Blue

Elounda’s Skisma Beach is a picturesque sandy enclave, perfect for families. Its cleanliness and organization make it especially welcoming.

Little ones delight in its flat sandy terrain and the playground, while older kids gravitate towards the available water sports. Occasional winds result in bigger waves, offering simple surfing opportunities.

With convenient facilities like restrooms and showers, coupled with an array of nearby taverns, it’s an ideal spot for families with children.

  • Beti Beach
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Beti beach is nestled just a kilometre away from the bustling city of Agios Nikolaos, and a mere five-minute stroll from Almyros beach. This small slice of paradise often remains undiscovered by the typical crowd, providing an idyllic retreat for those in search of tranquillity.

This diminutive yet delightful beach, embraced by the natural landscape, boasts soft, sun-kissed sand that warmly greets your feet. Thanks to its sheltered location, Beti beach is often protected from the region’s wind and waves, making it a calm oasis amidst the vibrant surroundings. A visit to Beti beach gives you an opportunity to savour the serene ambience, far removed from the usual throngs of beachgoers, adding an element of seclusion to your Cretan beach adventure.

  • Kimzou Sea Lounge Beach
  • Fine Pebbles, White Sand
  • Normal
  • Blue, Deep blue

The charming Kimzu Sea Lounge isn’t just a fantastic bar, but also hosts an enchanting beach with shimmering white pebbles and sand, lapped by crystal-clear waters. The beach is located just 1 km away from Lake Voulismeni in Agios Nikolaos.

The beach offers full amenities, including an ample supply of sunbeds and umbrellas. Unique to this locale, visitors get to recline on lush, cool grass rather than hot sand, a delightful departure from typical beach experiences.

Despite its small size, the beach doesn’t usually feel crowded, offering ample space for all visitors. The water is shallow and inviting, making it particularly popular with families with young children. Strategically placed anti-wave blocks, about 120 meters off the coast, ensure the beach remains free of large waves, adding to its serene atmosphere.

Adjacent to the bar, a park provides additional recreation options, featuring a large children’s playground and a basketball court. It’s an idyllic spot for spending an entire day, from sipping on a rich Greek coffee in the morning, enjoying a delicious lunch and dinner, to toasting the day away with craft cocktails in the evening. The Kimzu Sea Lounge truly offers a comprehensive beach-bar experience.

  • Agii Pantes Beach
  • Sand
  • Normal
  • Blue, Turquoise

Agii Pantes island is home to a quaint sandy beach situated just across the port of Agios Nikolaos. The beach, as well as the whole island, is accessible only by boat or via kayak or SUP departing from Ammoudi beach. It stands adjacent to the little islet Mikronisi, both acting as natural barriers safeguarding Agios Nikolaos. Moreover, the island serves as a habitat for several hybrid species of the endangered Cretan ibex.