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Vigglia beach

Beach description

Located 3km northwest of Kissamos town and 38km west of Chania, you’ll find the beach of Vigglia on Crete island. This beach begins near the “Madonna of the Harbor” church (Panagia) by the port of Kissamos, stretching along a 2km coastline featuring many coves, all the way to Kaliviani to the west. Notably, Vigglia’s primary beach boasts a nearly semicircular shape, with its coarse sand and transparent water. There are areas where the sandy beach is replaced with pebbles and rocks.

Although Vigglia doesn’t provide extensive tourist services, there are a few hotels in its vicinity and some basic facilities. Despite not being highly organized, Vigglia attracts many admirers who appreciate the area’s tranquillity and pristine sea. If you’re seeking a family-friendly destination in western Crete, Vigglia would be an excellent recommendation.