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Mavros Molos (Kissamos) beach

Beach description

Situated directly in front of the town of Kissamos, and 36km west of Chania, you’ll find Mavros Molos beach, also known as the ‘black jetty’. This long bay is historically significant, with remnants of the ancient port of Kissamos discovered here. As the primary beach of Kissamos town, it attracts the highest number of swimmers in the region. Its fine sand and shallow waters make it an ideal spot for families and children. Adjacent to the beach, a variety of cafes, restaurants and hotels can be found. Facilities such as umbrellas, sunbeds, lifeguard services and showers are available for beachgoers. Additionally, tamarisk trees offer natural shade.

To the west of the main beach, Mavros Molo’s features a smaller, pebbly and rocky cove. This secluded spot rarely gets crowded, making it perfect for snorkelling.