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Agia Rouméli village

Town description

Agia Rouméli is a charming fishing village located about 2 km from the end of the famous Samaria Gorge in Greece. The village can only be accessed by boat from Paleohora or Hora Sfakion, making it a popular stopover for visitors coming down the gorge. However, those who choose to stay for a few days will be rewarded with a stunning beach with crystal clear waters, interesting walks, and a variety of accommodations, taverns, cafés, and stores. The village is also steeped in history, as it was home to the ancient city of Tárra, a famous cult site that thrived from the Classical to Roman times.

Top sights around Agia Roumeli:

Samaria Gorge: Nestled in Southwest Crete, within the Chania region, the renowned Samaria Gorge spans a breathtaking 16 km. Beginning from the Omalos Plateau and culminating at the Libyan Sea, its beauty is unparalleled. Agia Roumeli, a quaint village nestled by the expansive bay at the gorge’s exit, acts as a gateway for adventurers trekking through this natural marvel.

Mashali Beach: Tucked away at the western edge of Agia Roumeli Bay, Mashali Beach is an oasis of serenity. With its pebbly shores and an isolated tavern boasting rooms, it offers an escape from the usual hustle and bustle.

Klados Gorge: A stone’s throw from Agia Roumeli, Klados Gorge beckons with its majestic rock formations, diverse flora, and the occasional wildlife sighting. A hike here promises an intimate experience with Crete’s rugged charm.

Sougia: Cradled on Crete’s southern coast, the picturesque village of Sougia is framed by grand mountains and the iconic Samaria Gorge. Revel in its laid-back vibe, enjoy mouthwatering Cretan dishes at local cafes and taverns, and let the village’s serene aura wash over you.

Paleochora: A gem in the Chania region, the delightful town of Paleochora sits about 70 km south of Chania on Crete’s scenic southwest coast. This petite peninsula, stretching 400 meters by 700 meters, offers panoramic views of the azure coastline.

Agios Pavlos Beach: A jewel on Crete’s southern coast, Agios Pavlos Beach is ensconced in a bay flanked by rugged cliffs. Known for its coarse sands, crystal-clear green waters, and rocky seabed, it’s a haven for those chasing serenity. Positioned close to Agia Roumeli, Agios Pavlos is an integral part of the region’s scenic allure.


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Most frequent asked questions

Where is Agia Rouméli located?

Agia Rouméli is a small fishing village located approximately 2 km from the ending of Samaria Gorge in Greece.

How can I reach Agia Rouméli?

Agia Rouméli is accessible only by boat from Paleohora and from Hora Sfakion or by hiking Samaria Gorge.

What is the main purpose of Agia Rouméli?

Agia Rouméli serves mainly as a stopover for visitors coming down the Samaria Gorge and waiting for the boat to take them to Sfakia or Paleohora.

What can I do in Agia Rouméli?

Apart from the unique scenery, visitors can enjoy a great beach with crystal clear water, plenty of interesting walks, and a good choice of accommodations, taverns, cafés, and stores. There are also opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing, and exploring peaceful beaches.

Is Agia Rouméli rich in history?

Yes, Agia Rouméli is rich in history as it was inhabited since antiquity and is the site of the ancient city of Tárra, a famous cult place that flourished from the Classical to Roman times.

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