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Anopolis village & plateau

Town description

Anopolis is a charming village located on a fertile plateau, 12 km west of Sfakia and 600 m above sea level. The village has a rich history, with remains of a vast city that thrived in the 3rd century BC still visible today. Anopolis was also part of an alliance of thirty cities and towns that formed a peace agreement with Eumenes B’ in 183 BC, which allowed them to mint their own coins.

During the Venetian and Turkish rule, Anopolis played a significant role in revolutionary actions. It is also the birthplace of Ioannis Daskalogiannis, a freedom fighter whose statue stands proudly in the village centre. Visitors can rent rooms and enjoy traditional Greek cuisine at the local tavern.

Anopolis is a must-visit destination for its stunning vistas and opportunities to explore the majestic White Mountains. One of the most remarkable hikes is the five-hour trek through Aradena’s ravine, which culminates in the beautiful Marmara beach. The village is often referred to as “Upper City” and has a charming centrepoint around a small roundabout.

Overall, Anopolis is a quaint and historic village that offers visitors a chance to experience the beauty of Crete’s natural landscape and learn about its rich cultural heritage.


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Most frequent asked questions

Where is Anopolis located?

Anopolis is a small village located 12 km west of Sfakia, at 600 m above sea level.

What is the history of Anopolis?

Anopolis was once a vast city that flourished around the 3rd century BC, and its port was known as Phoenix (Loutro). It belonged to an alliance of thirty cities and towns that formed a peace agreement with Eumenes B’ in 183 BC. During the rule of both Venetians and Turks, Anopolis was an essential site for revolutionary actions.

Who is Ioannis Daskalogiannis?

Ioannis Daskalogiannis was a freedom fighter born in Anopolis. His statue now stands in the middle of the village as a reminder to its citizens of their hard-fought liberation.

What can visitors do in Anopolis?

Visitors can explore the village, rent rooms, and dine at a tavern. They can also go on hikes in the majestic White Mountains, with one of the most remarkable hikes being descending through Aradena’s ravine all the way down to Marmara beach – a five-hour trek that leads adventurers through an awe-inspiring ravine and culminates with a stunning shoreline.

What is the layout of Anopolis?

Anopolis is an extensive village, with most of its homes situated along its main street. There is a charming center point around a small roundabout.

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