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Chania Battle of Crete Tour: Anzac Sfakia evacuation route

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In this tour about the Battle of Crete during World War 2, a certified historian specializing in contemporary history leads you through the evacuation route that ANZAC Troops took on late MAY 1941, after their retreat: We follow the troops until we get to their main evacuation port in Sfakia, in one of the most beautiful and southern parts of Crete. Alongside the region of Preveli, which was the second evacuation route the Allies took during the Battle of Crete, thousands of ANZACs were safely evacuated towards Alexandria.

Our private history tour in Chania starts from the mainland and we travel inwards, through many picturesque villages of mainland Crete. A stop at an abandoned shelter in an undisclosed location makes us understand how Cretans lived during the battle of Crete, and the daily life upon German occupation of the island, especially during heavy bombardments.

After a short drive, we make a stop in a lovely traditional “kafeneion” (cafeteria) where we can enjoy traditional Cretan delicacies and desserts, as well as blend in with the locals in an unprecedented manner.

We continue inwards and as the scenery changes into a much more mountainous terrain, we understand and comprehend the difficulties of the evacuation during the Second World War. In a short while, we arrive at a one-of-a-kind private war museum, with rare historical finds from the era of the Battle of Crete. The curator carefully explains to us the significance of each of the finds and lets us see and feel the war treasures, especially the weapons and the equipment, both of the axis forces and of the allied forces.

Our trip continues in order to find an abandoned BOFORS 40 MM Anti Aircraft gun that was being left by the British soldiers on their evacuation. Our specialized historian explains its history and its operation, as we prepare to descend towards the beaches and ports of South Crete.

A stop at a breathtaking spot is done, to understand the treacherous mountains, the wildlife and the desolation of this part of Crete, which all together helped the Allied troops to their safe escape.

Finally, we reach the port of Sfakia, which was the main evacuation port and we pay our respects to the British – Australian – New Zealand war memorial that the local community established as a homage to the ANZACS. Time free is given to explore the traditional village of Sfakia, experience the Cretan dishes from the many Cretan restaurants, or swim in the crystal clear waters of South Crete.


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