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Town description

Fragokastello is a Venetian fortress that was built in 1371 and is located on the beautiful white sandy beach of Crete’s south coast. It is situated approximately 170 km from Heraklion, 70 km from Rethimnon, and 70 km from Chania. Today, Fragokastello is a small but growing community that offers limited but expanding tourist facilities and stunning beaches covered in sand dunes. In addition to the castle’s history, there are several fascinating aspects of this area that visitors can explore.

Two charming villages, Patsianos and Kalikratis, are worth exploring while visiting Fragokastello. Patsianos is known for its traditional architecture and beautiful churches, while Kalikratis offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can also explore the castle’s walls and towers to get a sense of what life was like in medieval times.

One of the most mysterious occurrences in the area is the phenomenon of Drossoulites, or the “dew men.” These ghostly figures are said to appear at dawn every May and October and disappear as the sun rises, leaving behind only dew on the ground. This phenomenon has fascinated locals and visitors alike for years and adds to the allure of Fragokastello.


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Most frequent asked questions

Where is Fragokastello located?

Fragokastello is located on the south coast of Crete, approximately 170 km from Heraklion, 70 km from Rethimnon, and 70 km from Chania.

What is Fragokastello?

Fragokastello is a Venetian fortress built in 1371 on a magnificent white sandy beach.

What can visitors expect to find at Fragokastello?

Visitors can expect to find a small, but developing, community with nice beaches covered in sand dunes and limited, but increasing, tourist facilities.

What are the nearby villages to Fragokastello?

The nearby villages to Fragokastello are Patsianos and Kalikratis.

What is the history of Fragokastello?

Fragokastello has a rich history as a Venetian fortress and has been the site of many battles throughout the centuries.

What is the phenomenon of Drossoulites?

Drossoulites is a phenomenon that occurs in Fragokastello during the last week of May and the first week of June, where ghostly shadows appear in the castle’s courtyard at dawn.

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