Frangokastello beach

Beach description

Frangokastello, meaning “Castle of the Franks”, is a renowned beach in Western Crete, steeped in history and folklore due to its age-old Venetian castle and the intriguing legend of the Drosoulites ghosts. This beautiful beach lies in a valley at the foot of the White Mountains, situated 13km east of Hora Sfakion and 80km southeast of Chania.

Fragokastelo’s main beach is an appealing spectacle with its sandy shoreline and shallow turquoise waters, a perfect setting for children and families. Despite being well-equipped with amenities and buzzing during the summer months, the beach is sometimes subject to bothersome northern winds that sweep the sand. However, the area boasts plenty of accommodations, dining options, shops, and an ATM, with the nearest hospital located in Sfakia.

To the west of the main beach, the expansive Vatalos beach and a significant wetland (in winter) offer a different experience, with a mix of sand, pebbles, and rocks perfect for snorkelling. A short 300m walk to the east from the main beach leads you to the breathtaking Orthi Ammos beach, renowned for its sand dunes.

Accessing Fragokastelo from Crete’s northern coast requires a drive along the National Road connecting Chania and Heraklion, exiting at Vrysses and following the road to Chora Sfakion (Sfakia). This route takes you across the Askyfou plateau and through the stunning Imbros Gorge to the southern coast of the Sfakia province. Fragokastelo is well-signposted from here, and the journey typically takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you’re coming from Rethymnon, take the road to Plakias, then head east to Rodakino before reaching Fragokastelo. This drive is around one hour and provides a less challenging but also less scenic route than through the Imbros Gorge. Alternatively, buses to Fragokastelo are available from Chania.