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Marmara Beach, Sfakia

Beach description

Dialiskari, also known as Marmara beach, is a stunning secluded pebble-filled bay situated near the end of the majestic Aradena Gorge, within the Sfakia region. It is situated 85km to the south of Chania city and 5km to the west of Loutro. This beach serves as a resting spot for the hikers of Aradena Gorge before they proceed towards Loutro.

Marmara, translating to “marbles”, gets its name from the soft colourful rocks and the sea caves that are the highlight of this location. The beach is a 60-minute walk from the nearest inhabited beach of Lykos and a 75-minute walk from Loutro. The absence of roads only allows for access by foot or boat. Near the beach, there’s a quaint tavern offering delicious food (be sure to reserve in advance!) and beach umbrellas.

During the summer months, there are daily boats available from Loutro. If you find yourself in the Loutro area, a visit to Marmara and a hike through the Aradena Gorge come highly recommended.