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The gorge of Topolia (Topoliano) is located in west Crete and it runs along the road leading to Elafonissi via Elos. The canyon actually starts near the village Strovles at an altitude of 450m, and exits near the village Topolia, at an altitude of 150m. However, the narrowest and most impressive hiking part of the gorge is located between Katsomatados and Topolia, where the side rocks are very high and steep. The canyon is crossed by the River Tyflos, which originates from Mount Dikeos. At the beginning of the narrow part, it is worth visiting the Cave of Agia Sofia, located just above the main road.

The canyon and the wider area host rare and endemic plants of Crete, while the Cave of St. Sophia houses a species of cave spider that lives only there (Pholcus creticus). According to local traditions, Topolia Gorge hosted fairies and the Minoan goddess Vritomartis. Here, the legendary Talos used to stop and enjoy the divine music of the fairies. When Talos arrived at the place, rested inside a big cave, drank water and fell asleep. Then, the fairies and elves of the river arrived, singing and dancing.



What is Topolia Gorge?

Topolia Gorge is a hiking gorge located in the Chania region of Greece.

What type of gorge is Topolia Gorge?

Topolia Gorge is a hiking gorge, perfect for those who love to explore nature on foot.

Is there water in Topolia Gorge?

Yes, there is water in Topolia Gorge until the spring.

How accessible is Topolia Gorge?

Topolia Gorge is easily accessible via a paved road.

How long is Topolia Gorge?

Topolia Gorge is 3 km long, providing ample opportunity for a scenic hike.

How difficult is Topolia Gorge?

On a scale of 1 to 10, Topolia Gorge is rated as a 2 in terms of difficulty, making it a great option for hikers of all skill levels.

How long does it take to hike Topolia Gorge?

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to hike Topolia Gorge.

What is the altitude difference in Topolia Gorge?

The altitude difference in Topolia Gorge is 100 meters.

Gorge Type

  • Hiking gorge

Accessible by

  • Paved road


  • Water till spring

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