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Tavronitis beach

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Beach description

Tavronitis beach, found 20km west of Chania, is situated on the western side of the historic Maleme airport, one kilometer north of the village of Tavronitis and is named after the Tavronitis river that flows nearby. This long, pebbly beach is just a segment of the expansive coastline that stretches from Kolimbari to Stalos, making it an ideal swimming spot, especially during calm weather as the northern coast of Crete often experiences waves. There are ample amenities nearby, including hotels, tavernas, restaurants, and a variety of tourist facilities.

The beach holds historical significance as it is near Maleme airport, the site of a significant resistance against the German forces in 1941, known as the Battle of Crete. This marked the first time in World War II where the local population fiercely resisted the German army, causing them heavy losses. Despite this, the Germans managed to gain control of a small area east of the Tavronitis river and the airport. Today, visitors can pay their respects at the German cemetery and other monuments dedicated to this historic event.