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Kolimbari beach

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Beach description

Kolimbari, a quaint seaside town housing over 5000 residents, is situated 24km west of Chania, on the eastern edge of the Rodopos Peninsula. This picturesque town is quite developed, primarily due to its stunning, lengthy beach that extends from the village to Tavronitis in the east. The sandy beach at Kolimbari is occasionally dotted with small pebbles, and while the waters are shallow, they tend to be wavy, a typical characteristic of northern Crete’s open beaches. The area adjacent to the beach offers ample choices for accommodation, dining, and entertainment.

For those seeking a more serene beach experience, the tiny coves near the Gonia Monastery, just 1km northwest of Kolimbari, are worth visiting. Boats frequently depart from the Kolimbari port to the Rodopos Cape, renowned for its majestic cliffs and tranquil beaches, with Menzies being the most popular.

The historic Gonia Monastery, reminiscent of a fortress, is located 1km northwest of the town. It’s dedicated to the Virgin Mary Odigitria, also known as the Guide, and houses a notable collection of Byzantine icons. The Orthodox Academy of Crete, a venue for nationwide and global conferences on theological and general topics, is also located near Gonia.