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Trahinos Gorge

Gorge description

Located about 35km southwest of Chania city, on the northern slopes of Mount Apopigadi, Palea Roumata is a verdant area. This region is made up of 13 neighborhoods, all part of the same village (Palea Roumata), spread across the slopes. Near the small settlement of Lidiana, the Vavouledo and Trachinos canyons converge, providing an ideal circular route with water until late spring.
The Trahinos Gorge, starting near the Trahinos hamlet, is fairly short but stands as one of Crete’s greenest gorges. Its walls are so narrow that they’re almost unnoticeable from above. The gorge is filled with dense vegetation, often casting shadows over the riverbed. Similar to Vavouledo, the Trahinos Gorge also features a hiking trail.


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Most frequent asked questions

What is Trahinos Gorge?

Trahinos Gorge is a hiking gorge located in the Chania region of Greece.

What type of gorge is Trahinos Gorge?

Trahinos Gorge is a hiking gorge.

Is there water in Trahinos Gorge?

Yes, there is water in Trahinos Gorge until the spring.

How accessible is Trahinos Gorge?

Trahinos Gorge is accessible via a paved road.

How long is Trahinos Gorge?

Trahinos Gorge is 3 km long.

What is the difficulty level of Trahinos Gorge?

Trahinos Gorge has a difficulty level of 1 out of 10.

How many hours does it take to hike Trahinos Gorge?

It takes approximately 1 hour to hike Trahinos Gorge.

What is the altitude difference in Trahinos Gorge?

The altitude difference in Trahinos Gorge is 100 meters.

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