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Kandanos Gorge

Gorge description

The Kandanos Gorge is a site of remarkable natural beauty and historical significance, currently threatened by the operations of a large quarry. This gorge was the battlefield for the first armed conflict between locals and governmental forces during World War II. On May 24, 1941, Kandanos residents took up arms against German forces advancing towards their town, a day after the Battle of Floria, where all but one German soldier were killed. In retaliation, the Germans decimated Kandanos and its neighboring villages, executing numerous civilians. To this day, justice for the German war crimes committed in Kandanos and Floria, along with other martyred Cretan villages, remains elusive.

In addition to its historical value, the gorge is teeming with cypress trees and lush vegetation. It’s also traversed by a beautiful stone road leading to Chania, built by locals in the late 1920s. This road stands as a fine example of preindustrial construction.

The upper portion of the Gorge is known as Spina Gorge, named after a nearby village. The lower section, which begins where the gorge intersects the stone road near the Church of Agios Irineos and ends at Anavos, is referred to as Kandanos Gorge. Despite the different names, they are part of the same ravine.


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Most frequent asked questions

What is Kandanos Gorge?

Kandanos Gorge is a hiking gorge located in the Chania region.

What type of gorge is Kandanos Gorge?

Kandanos Gorge is a hiking gorge.

Is there water in Kandanos Gorge?

Yes, there is water in Kandanos Gorge until the spring.

How accessible is Kandanos Gorge?

Kandanos Gorge is accessible via a paved road.

What is the length of Kandanos Gorge?

Kandanos Gorge is 3 km long.

What is the difficulty level of Kandanos Gorge?

Kandanos Gorge has a difficulty level of 2 out of 10.

How long does it take to hike Kandanos Gorge?

It takes approximately 1 hour to hike Kandanos Gorge.

What is the altitude difference in Kandanos Gorge?

The altitude difference in Kandanos Gorge is 50.

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