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Domata beach

About Domata beach

The beautiful beach Domata is located 7km east of Sougia and 58km south of Chania city, at position Tseses. The beach is the ending point of the wild and rugged gorge of Klados. Thanks to the action of water, a unique natural monument has been created. The name Domata (meaning “roofs”) comes from the staggered arrangement of conglomerate rocks that remind of huge walls. The vast quantities of pebbles and dirt that are brought here by the gorge, and the perpetual undulation of the sea and the air have contributed to their creation.

The beach is beautiful with fine pebbles and crystal clear blue waters. If you dig in the sand, you can find fresh water from underground springs. As expected, the region has no roads and any infrastructure is absent. The numerous pine trees near the beach offer natural shade and a good camping opportunity. The southernmost part of the beach, separated by rocks from the main beach of Domata, is called Kolotrividis after the homonymous cape.
Access to Domata is possible through the E4 European trail that heads east and leads to the Agia Roumeli (3 -4 hours on foot). However, beware that the slopes at some points are quite steep and dangerous, as the trail climbs at an altitude of 700m.




What is the location of Domata beach?

Domata beach is located in which country?

What activities can be done at Domata beach?

What are the things to do at Domata beach?

Is Domata beach suitable for swimming?

Can I swim at Domata beach?

Are there any restaurants or cafes near Domata beach?

Where can I find food near Domata beach?

Is there any accommodation available near Domata beach?

Where can I stay near Domata beach?

What is the best time to visit Domata beach?

When is the ideal time to go to Domata beach?

Is Domata beach safe for children?

Can I bring my kids to Domata beach?

Are there any restrictions at Domata beach?

What are the rules and regulations at Domata beach?

What is the parking situation at Domata beach?

Where can I park my car at Domata beach?

What is the water colour of the beach?

The water colour of the beach is deep blue.

What type of sand is found on the beach?

The beach has pebbles and fine pebbles.

How deep is the water at the beach?

The water at the beach is deep.

What is the surface of the sea like at the beach?

The surface of the sea at the beach is usually calm.

What is the crowd like at the beach?

The beach is usually quiet.

What facilities are available at the beach?

There are no facilities available at the beach.

What are the modes of access to the beach?

The beach can be accessed by boat or walking.

Is the beach nudism friendly?

Yes, the beach is nudism friendly.

Is the beach ideal for snorkeling or spearfishing?

Yes, the beach is ideal for snorkeling and spearfishing.

Beach facilities


  • Quiet

Water depths

  • Deep

Beach sand type

  • Pebbles
  • Fine Pebbles

Sea surface

  • Usually calm

Water colour

  • Deep blue


  • Boat

Other information

  • Nudism friendly
  • Ideal for snorkeling / spearfishing

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