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Apladiana village

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Apladianá is a charming village located at the foot of the Kouloukona mountain in the Tallaios range, 40 kilometers away from Rethymno. The village has a rich historical background dating back to 1368 when the Aplada family founded it. The settlement blossomed after the unveiling of the replacement of the older national highway, and it now offers cafes, taverns, and lodging establishments as part of countryside tourism packages. The village has winding alleys and old houses with captivating architectural features that will leave visitors in awe. Apladianá is perched atop a peak at 260 meters above sea level and is home to 175 locals, with an additional 78 inhabitants in Kampos ton Apladianon along its historical national road. In the 1881 census, Apladiana was attributed to the commune of Garazo with 57 inhabitants, and in 1900, it was referred to as the Apladiana Commune, which had 153 inhabitants together with the Cheliana settlement. Visitors can prepare themselves for an unforgettable experience as they explore these charming locales.


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