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Sissi, an idyllic coastal village located 45 kilometres east of Heraklion in Eastern Crete, unfolds as a delightful surprise to visitors.

Upon your arrival at Sissi, you will immediately grasp the unique charm of this serene village. A stark contrast to neighbouring Malia or nearby Hersonissos, Sissi trades bustling tourist crowds and numerous bars for a calm and unhurried pace of life.

Navigating through Sissi

Sissi’s main road, while not an exceptional sight in itself, is dotted with quaint hotels, rental rooms, tourist shops and snack bars. The irregular parking and occasional traffic might seem off-putting but don’t be discouraged. This road eventually leads to a picturesque little port in the rich, blue sea — the true essence of Sissi.

The Picture-perfect Port of Sissi

Unveiling itself at the end of the main road, the port of Sissi is a sight to behold. Framed by azure waters, it emanates an idyllic and tranquil ambience. While parking might be scarce near the port, ample parking space is available just a short distance away, near the beach tavernas.

This naturally crafted harbour, a product of sea currents forming a deep and narrow bay, is guarded by a small stone wave-breaker. Its depth can easily lead one to believe it to be a river’s estuary, although it’s not.

Sissi: A Blend of Beauty and History

Not merely a pretty picture, the port of Sissi has a unique historical background too. During the Cretan revolution, it played a strategic role in aiding the brave Lassithi rebels by serving as a spot for unloading guns and munitions. Now, local fishing boats dock at the pier, presenting a quaint sight of fisherwomen cleaning the day’s catch by the shore.

The Alluring Culinary Scene

This fresh catch often ends up in Sissi’s tavernas, attracting locals from Heraklion and beyond. A useful tip for newcomers is the golden rule of dining: if the locals eat there, it’s likely the food is excellent!

Exploring the Sandy Shore and Lush Gardens

Opposite the port, a small sandy beach invites visitors for a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, often calm due to the wave-breaker. Following the beach, a beautiful hotel garden graces the landscape with swaying palms and vibrant flowers — one of Crete’s most picturesque sights, further enhancing the allure of Sissi’s port.

The architect of these hotel gardens, though unknown, indeed deserves praise for supplementing nature’s splendour and contributing to the tranquillity of Sissi, a sanctuary from the bustling neighbouring villages.

Experiences Beyond the Quaint Port

In Sissi, you can revel in the peace, admire the scenic beauty, and enjoy delightful cuisine at the seafront tavernas. Adventure seekers can explore the nearby beaches, walking along the shore until they find a place that feels just right.

Adventure and History around Sissi

For the more adventurous or curious, the nearby Malia archaeological site and Milatos, with its tragic cave history and popular seaside tavernas, offer interesting day trips. Other fascinating spots include the monastery of Saint George of Selinaris, the traditional village of Vrahassi, the scenic Lassithi Plateau, the historic Spinalonga island, and Agios Nikolaos with its lake and the luxurious hotels of Elounda.

There’s no shortage of sights to discover, limited only by your willingness to explore. So, whether you seek tranquillity or adventure, Sissi offers a unique and memorable experience.

Sissi is a picturesque village that boasts not only stunning natural beauty but also a fascinating history. During the Cretan Revolution, which took place from 1866-1869, Sissi played a pivotal role in the fight against the Ottoman Empire. The village served as a crucial location for the rebels to upload guns and munitions, making it a strategic stronghold. Despite its turbulent past, Sissi has managed to maintain its traditional charm and remains a popular destination for tourists seeking an authentic Cretan experience. Visitors can wander through the village’s narrow streets, marvel at the traditional architecture, and indulge in fresh seafood at one of the many seaside tavernas. Sissi offers a unique blend of history, nature, and culture that is sure to leave a lasting impression on any traveller.



Where is Sissi located?

Sissi is an idyllic coastal village situated 45 kilometres east of Heraklion in Eastern Crete.

How is Sissi different from nearby Malia or Hersonissos?

Unlike the bustling tourist crowds and numerous bars in Malia or Hersonissos, Sissi offers a calm and unhurried pace of life.

What is special about the port of Sissi?

The port of Sissi, situated at the end of the main road, is a naturally crafted harbour with a tranquil ambience, set in azure waters.

What role did Sissi play during the Cretan revolution?

Sissi was a strategic spot during the Cretan revolution, serving as a place for unloading guns and munitions to aid the Lassithi rebels.

What type of food can I expect at Sissi’s tavernas?

Sissi’s tavernas are known for fresh seafood, especially the catch of the day, which is highly appreciated by locals.

What are some of the sights to enjoy in Sissi?

Apart from the port, Sissi boasts a small sandy beach, a beautiful hotel garden filled with vibrant flowers and swaying palms, and seafront tavernas.

What activities can one engage in at Sissi?

Visitors can enjoy tranquil beach walks, dine at seafront tavernas, or explore nearby beaches for more adventurous outings.

Are there any nearby historical or archaeological sites to visit?

Yes, the nearby Malia archaeological site, the tragic cave of Milatos, the monastery of Saint George of Selinaris, and the historic Spinalonga island offer interesting day trips.

Are there other villages or towns near Sissi worth exploring?

Yes, the traditional village of Vrahassi, the scenic Lassithi Plateau, and the town of Agios Nikolaos with its lake and luxurious hotels in Elounda offer a great experience.

How to get to Sissi from Heraklion?

The fastest way to get to Sissi from Helaklion will be with a pre-booked taxi or minibus waiting to whisk you off on arrival.


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