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Kato Karouzana village

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About Kato Karouzana village

Located in the Kasteli area, Kato Karouzana is a charming settlement that boasts stunning views and traditional architecture. The village, which sits at an altitude of 300m, is situated 39km away from the bustling city of Heraklion. Kato Karouzana was first mentioned in 1842 and was named after the Karzano family, which is a common surname in the village.

Tourists flock to Kato Karouzana, especially during the summer months, to enjoy the picturesque lanes, traditional cafes, and taverns. The village is a popular destination for Kritikes Vradies, which are Cretan evenings that feature local music and dance. With its beautiful scenery and lively atmosphere, Kato Karouzana is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Crete.

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FAQ about Kato Karouzana village

Where is Kato Karouzana located?

Kato Karouzana is located in the Kasteli area, 39km from Heraklion city in Crete.

What is the altitude of Kato Karouzana?

Kato Karouzana lies at an altitude of 300m.

When was Kato Karouzana first mentioned?

Kato Karouzana was first mentioned in 1842.

What is the meaning of the name Kato Karouzana?

The name Kato Karouzana is taken from the family name common in the village; Karzano.

What can tourists expect to see in Kato Karouzana?

Tourists can expect to see a village with spectacular views, graphic little lanes, traditional cafeterias, and taverns. Kritikes Vradies (Cretan evenings) are also organized with local music and dance, especially in the summer.

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