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Beaches near Magnisía, in Rethymno region

Here is list of closest beaches to Magnisía

  • 1.3 km
  • Skaleta beaches
  • Rocks in places, Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Commencing 11km east of Rethymno and extending 3km eastward is the Skaleta beachfront, marking the end of the expansive beach of the Bay of Rethymno. The first resort you encounter after Pighianos Kampos is Sfakaki, which is exceptionally well arranged.

Stavromenos beach is the next stop, just 1km away, named after the area’s synonymous settlement. The beaches here are predominantly sandy and meticulously organized, with spots featuring pebbles and tiny rocks. As you journey eastward, the sandy stretch narrows down and gradually fades until it vanishes at the end of the Rethymno Gulf.

Continuing another 1km, you will reach the final segment of the immense East Rethymnon beachfront, Skaleta. Like all beaches on the north coast, Skaleta beachfront is exposed to the winds and typically experiences waves. The surrounding area has seen considerable development in recent years, now abounding with large hotels and tourist facilities. Regular bus services are available from Rethymno to Sfakaki, Stavromenos, and Skaleta.

From May to September, summer nights bring an extraordinary sight as loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs in the Gulf’s sand. It’s not uncommon to see small areas of the beach cordoned off and inaccessible to visitors where nests have been spotted.

  • 3.8 km
  • Pigianos Kambos beaches