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Platanes beach

Beach description

The suburbs of Pervolia, Missiria, and Platanias, also known as Platanes, are situated 3-5km to the west of Rethymnon city. Initially, these were independent settlements that have now merged into the urban region of Rethymnon, as a result of the residential growth over the previous century.

A vast sandy beach extends in front of these suburbs, forming part of the extensive coastline of Rethymnon Bay. Originating near the Rethymno harbour, the beach stretches eastward for 13km until it reaches Skaleta. This well-maintained beach offers a wealth of options for food, drink, and accommodation.

Just like the rest of the lengthy coastline, this beach also serves as a nesting ground for the loggerhead sea turtle. These turtles are under the protection of the Greek State. Rethymno Bay is counted among the three most crucial nesting sites for this species in Greece, with more than 400 nests reported annually.