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Misiria beach

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Beach description

Pervolia, Misiria, and Platanias, also known as Platanes, form a trio of suburbs that adjoin the city of Rethymnon, and are situated 3-5km west of the city. Previously individual settlements, they have now merged into Rethymnon’s urban district due to the growth of residential areas.

A sprawling sandy beach extends in front of these suburbs, forming part of a 13km long coastal strip that begins near Rethymno’s harbour and reaches as far as Skaleta beach. This well-maintained beach offers a wide variety of options for dining, drinking, and lodging. Along this extensive stretch of coastline, loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) come to nest. These turtles are at risk of becoming extinct, but the Rethymno Gulf stands as one of the three most crucial habitats for the species in Greece, hosting an average of over 400 nests each year.

The name Misiria originates from the Arabic term ‘Misr’, referring to a suburb of Cairo known for its fertile soil. In a similar vein, Misiria is so named due to its productive land, which continues to yield a bounty of vegetables.