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Adelianos Kambos beach

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Beach description

Adelianos Kambos, also known as Adele Beach, is a seaside suburb of Rethymnon situated 6km to the east on a flat plain. This area, previously used for vegetable cultivation by residents of the adjoining village Adele, has seen considerable development over the past century, becoming an integral part of Rethymnon city. Access to Adelianos Kambos is straightforward, with local buses running regularly from the city centre.

The extensive sandy stretch of Rethymnon Gulf beach begins at Adelianos Kambos and continues to Skaleta. The suburb offers a variety of accommodation options, from large hotels to smaller establishments, and plenty of choices for dining, shopping, and entertainment. The beach is well-equipped with amenities like umbrellas, lifeguards, changing rooms, showers and bars, making it a popular spot for beach sports and water activities. The sea here is typically shallow but can be wavy, a characteristic of all open beaches on the northern side of Crete. An interesting feature of this beach is the sea turtles that lay their eggs here, leading to the occasional sight of marked nests protected by ropes and signboards.