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Pigianos Kambos beaches

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Beach description

Pigianos Kambos, also known as Pigi beach, is situated 8km to the east of Rethymno, centrally positioned along Rethymno Bay’s extensive beach. The name, Pigianos Kambos, translates to “Plane of Pigi” from Greek, reflecting the fertile fields that belong to the inhabitants of the nearby Pigi village. Today, Pigianos Kambos serves as a coastal tourist destination, albeit less developed than its neighbor, Adelianos Kambos. The area boasts a variety of accommodations, from apartments and rooms to larger hotels, complemented by multiple dining, entertainment, and shopping options.

The beach in Pigianos Kambos offers a peaceful and quieter atmosphere compared to the other beaches in Rethymnon. Between Pigianos Kambos and Stavromenos, visitors can enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the numerous small, rocky coves. A unique feature of Pigianos Kambos is the opportunity to spot protected sea turtle nests, as these creatures choose this sandy beach to lay their eggs.

Regular bus services from the center of Rethymnon make Pigianos Kambos easily accessible.