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Pervolia beach

Beach description

Three neighbouring suburbs of Rethymnon, Pervolia, Misiria, and Platanias (also known as Platanes) are situated 3-5km west of the city. Initially independent settlements, they have been subsumed into Rethymnon’s urban region due to expansion in residential development.

A lengthy sandy beach, part of Rethymnon bay’s expansive beachfront, extends in front of these suburbs. The beach begins near Rethymnon’s harbour and continues eastwards for 13km until reaching Skaleta. The beach is well-maintained and offers a wide selection of food, drink, and lodging options.

A notable feature of this beach, like the entirety of the vast beachfront, is the nesting activity of the Caretta caretta sea turtle. These turtles, protected by international law, lay their eggs in the sand. Rethymno Gulf is one of Greece’s three critical habitats for Caretta caretta, with over 400 nests documented annually.