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About Petrokefalo village

Petrokéfalo is a small village located 16km from Heraklion and 3km from Agios Myron, situated at an altitude of 340m above sea level. The village has a population of 248 inhabitants and is built on a rocky hillside that resembles a human head, which is believed to be the reason behind its name, petrokefali, meaning stone head. The settlement was fortified and has recently revealed significant ancient findings. The village celebrates its patron Saint, Agia Paraskevi, on the 8th of September with a village feast in her honour.

There are different versions of the origin of the village’s name. One suggests that it comes from the shape of the hill that resembles a human head, while another claims that it was named after a person named Petros, who was the owner of the hill and the first resident of the area. Despite the uncertainty surrounding its name, Petrokéfalo remains a charming village with a rich history and cultural heritage.

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FAQ about Petrokefalo village

Where is Petrokéfalo located?

Petrokéfalo is located 16km from Heraklion and 3km from Agios Myron in Greece.

What is the elevation of Petrokéfalo?

Petrokéfalo is located at an elevation of 340m a.s.l.

How many inhabitants does Petrokéfalo have?

Petrokéfalo has 248 inhabitants.

Why is Petrokéfalo called “stone head”?

Petrokéfalo is called “stone head” because the shape of the hill in the village resembles a human head.

What ancient findings were discovered in Petrokéfalo?

Significant ancient findings were discovered in Petrokéfalo.

Who is the patron saint of Petrokéfalo?

The patron saint of Petrokéfalo is Agia Paraskevi.

When is the village feast in Petrokéfalo?

The village feast in Petrokéfalo is on the 8th of September in honour of Agia Paraskevi.

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