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Beaches near Kissós, in Rethymno region

Here is list of closest beaches to Kissós

  • 6.7 km
  • Pahia Ammos, Kerames
  • Rocks in places, Sand
  • Normal
  • Blue

Kerames, a village situated 49km south of Rethymno, neighbors the village of Agalianos. It is surrounded by stunning beaches to its south, including the well-known beaches of Akoumiani Gialia, such as Ligres, Triopetra, and Agios Pavlos sandhills. Keramiani Giulia, or Keramean Beach, lies to the north of Akoumiani Gialia, its name derived from the nearby village.

A somewhat dilapidated asphalt road leads to Keramiani Gialia, ending near the local harbour of Agia Fotini, also referred to as Agia Fotia. To the southeast of Agia Fotini, the primary beaches of Keramiani Gialia are located. A well-maintained dirt track from Agia Fotini leads to these beaches, the first being Podare. With its coarse sand and rocky areas, Podare is perfect for activities like fishing and snorkelling. Despite being an unorganized beach, it offers rental rooms for visitors.

After leaving Podare, a simple dirt road heads eastward, taking you past a large hill to a parking area situated near more rental rooms. Here, the road ends, and the beach on your right, Glima, begins. This sandy, secluded, and unorganized beach offers total privacy.

Continuing eastward on foot for about 100m, a towering sandhill becomes visible to your left. Pahia Ammos, or Coarse Sand, lies in front of the sandhill and provides an ideal spot for those seeking complete seclusion.

  • 6.8 km