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Agia Fotini, Kerames

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Beach description

The quaint village of Kerames is situated 49km to the south of Rethymno, in close proximity to the village Agalianos. South of Kerames, there are numerous stunning beaches, with Ligres, Triopetra and Agios Pavlos sandhills of Akoumiani Gialia being the most well-known. To the north of Akoumiani Gialia, there is Keramiani Gialia or Kerames Beach, named after the nearby village.

The narrow, poorly paved road leading to Keramiani Giulia ends near the local port of Agia Fotini, which is also known as Agia Fotia. This location is home to beautiful small pebble beaches, perfect for snorkelling and swimming, and is surrounded by large boulders. The traditional Stavros tavern is built on an old carob storehouse and serves fresh fish on the beach. It also offers accommodation, and has a reminiscent atmosphere of the Greek islands of the 1960s. The tavern provides free umbrellas and showers. Near Agia Fotia, there is a small river that forms a green forest. Following the path north along the river, you will encounter a tall palm tree and the old church of Agia Fotini, located near a small house with a lovely garden. A 5-minute walk west of the tavern along the rocky shore will lead you to another pebbly beach.

On the hill near Agia Fotini tavern, you can still see the remnants of the ancient town Kionia, which thrived in its heyday. Today, the ruins cover an area of over 150 meters east to west and 100 meters north to south, while the other half of the town is submerged underwater, in front of the tavern. Traces of buildings and terraces that suggest the existence of Kionia can be seen in the surrounding area. It is thought that the sinking of the town forced its inhabitants to leave and move to higher ground, where the villages Kerames and Agallianos now stand.