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Beaches near Avdhoulianá, in Chania region

Here is list of closest beaches to Avdhoulianá

  • 7.2 km
  • Astropelekita beach
  • Fine Pebbles, Sand
  • Normal
  • Blue

On the European E4 trail linking Sougia and Paleochora, you’ll come across the stunning small beach of Astropelekita with its deep blue waters. This sandy beach, situated to the east of the rocky Plaka cape, is encountered before beginning the ascent to Flomes or Elide Cape, on the way to the ancient Lissos. This little cove offers a perfect opportunity for a refreshing swim while trekking the E4 trail.

Astropelekita, translating to ‘thunderbolt’ in Greek, is named after a local myth. The tale suggests that the area’s distinctive whitish rocks were created when the Olympian Gods hurled a thunderbolt at the region.

  • 7.6 km
  • Keratides beach
  • Pebbles
  • Normal
  • Blue

Keratides beach, situated approximately 1km west of Paleochora harbour and 79km south of Chania city, is found just past the Azogirianos river and Halikia beach. Characterized by its coarse pebbles and stones, it’s a preferred spot for those seeking tranquility and solitude. Its name, Keratides, is derived from the term for locust or carob trees, ‘keratia’. Nearby, there’s a camping site which attracts most of the beach’s visitors.

While there are numerous remarkable beaches in the vicinity of Paleochora, Keratides doesn’t particularly stand out. Nonetheless, it’s a viable option for those without access to a car or motorbike.

  • 8.0 km
  • Halikia beach
  • Pebbles
  • Normal
  • Blue

Votsala or Halikia beaches are situated just beyond the western limit of Paleochora harbour, about 79km to the south of Chania city, adjacent to the Kakodiakianos River’s outlet and stretch approximately 1km eastward. Halikia and Pahia Ammos are the primary beaches in the town of Paleohora. Halikia, with its round pebbles, is well maintained and is primarily favored by Greeks over the sandy Pahia Ammos beach. This beach is a popular choice for those who wish to stay near the town and enjoy easy access to all facilities.

Following the Azogirianos River’s exit, the subsequent beach named Keratides beach is formed. This beach is conveniently located next to the Paleochora camping site.

  • 8.3 km
  • Pahia Ammos beach, Paleohora
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Pahia Ammos (translating to Thick Sand) beach is situated on the western flank of Paleochora, a distance of 79km to the south of the city of Chania. It serves as the primary beach of Paleochora, offering an array of amenities for tourists and is meticulously maintained. Despite its impressive length of nearly 500m, it often appears unoccupied due to its expansive size. With its gentle sandy shore and shallow waters, it’s an ideal spot for children. However, caution is advised during periods of westerly or southerly winds, as they cause substantial waves.

A variety of services are available, including umbrellas, bars, snack bars, water sports gear, showers, and a lifeguard tower. The beach’s western area offers privacy and is frequently chosen by nudists.

  • 9.1 km
  • Karavopetra coves, Paleohora