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Beaches near Strovlés, in Chania region

Here is list of closest beaches to Strovlés

  • 11.2 km
  • Sfinari beach
  • Pebbles, Sand
  • Normal
  • Blue

Sfinari beach, nestled 60km west of Chania city and 30km south of Kissamos, is a hidden gem in front of its namesake village. This peaceful village is at the mouth of a lush, deep valley and is wrapped in the embrace of verdant mountains. Known for its tranquillity, Sfinari offers a beautiful sandy beach speckled with pebbles. With a handful of lodging and dining options, it’s an excellent choice for serene family getaways. On days when the waves are gentle, the beach becomes a haven for snorkelling. Numerous tamarisk trees provide ample natural shade, making it a perfect spot to unwind.

Sfinari is favoured primarily by those on the hunt for solitude, so don’t anticipate a bustling nightlife or booming beach bars. Despite its remote location, it’s easily accessible via bus from Chania station, so not owning a car isn’t an issue. However, having a car could enhance your Crete exploration experience.

Venturing up the mountain at the beach’s southern end, crossing the carob tree-filled rocky cape of Korakas, you’ll glimpse the secluded beach of Platanakia on the other side. With careful navigation, you can descend to this remote beach for a truly peaceful dip.

  • 11.2 km