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Beaches near Askoí, in Heraklion region

Here is list of closest beaches to Askoí

  • 9.4 km
  • Stalida beach
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Stalida Beach (or Stalis) is located 30km east of Heraklion, between Malia and Hersonissos. Originally a small seaside village formed by the inhabitants of Mochos, it has now evolved into a bustling tourist destination, harmoniously blending into the neighbouring town of Malia. Stalis caters primarily to families seeking a tranquil retreat, and is beautifully equipped with a range of accommodations, eateries, bars, and taverns, not to mention an ATM and a pharmacy for convenience.

Stalida makes for a perfect base to explore the nearby attractions and engage in an array of activities. The locality is teeming with stunning beaches, enriching archaeological sites, and captivating cultural spots. A short 6km trip from the beach takes you to the Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre – a place where you can acquaint yourself with a variety of marine creatures and reptiles. Nearby, the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum offers a deep dive into Crete’s natural history and culture.

For those seeking aquatic thrills, the Acqua Plus waterpark, the island’s largest, is not far from the coastline. To the west, beyond Malia and Potamos Beach, lies the Malia Palace Archaeological Site, home to the third largest Minoan palace complex and steeped in millennia-old history. A further 20km south, the ancient Minoan settlement of Karfi offers another slice of history, believed to have been home to around 3,500 inhabitants.

For those with a passion for hiking, the Bulgarian trail, starting from Stalis and leading up to Mohos, is a must. Named after the Bulgarian prisoners of war who constructed it during WWII, this 5km trail, though lengthy and ascending, is an experience in itself. Along the way, you’ll cross a pedestrian bridge spanning the highway and encounter the contemporary Panagia Theogenitor Monastery. Once in Mohos, enjoy a leisurely stroll along narrow lanes, relax with a coffee in the spacious square, and enjoy the warm company of the locals. You can choose to return via the same trail or follow a different one leading from Mohos to Malia.

  • 10.1 km
  • Drapanos beaches
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Living on the island of Crete, about 28km east of Heraklion, you’ll find the popular tourist town of Hersonissos. It’s known for its array of beaches, particularly on the eastern side. Located a short 2km distance from the Hersonissos port, these delightful coves extend up to the Drapanos Cape. The most vibrant among them is Star Beach, known for being one of the island’s busiest spots.

As you travel further east, there are several small, scenic sandy and pebbly coves that offer a feeling of tranquillity. Some of these secluded spots enjoy cool water due to the presence of freshwater springs in the sea. Next to these coves, you’ll find the Lychnostatis Folklore Museum, a place where visitors can delve into the historical Cretan way of life.

The final beach in the Hersonissos vicinity is located in front of the Nana Beach Hotel, at the edge of Drapano Cape, and is accessible by heading east. This well-maintained beach has sunbeds and a lifeguard on duty, with a variety of water sports and beach bars available. Thanks to the protection offered by two long piers, this beach enjoys calm waters all year round, as it’s shielded from the north winds.

  • 10.9 km
  • Malia beach
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Situated 35km to the east of Heraklion, Malia is a vibrant hub known for its dynamic nightlife and historic appeal with the third largest Minoan palace in Crete, the Malia Palace. Malia’s appeal is augmented by its sandy beaches, a key catalyst for its tourism development.

The main beach in Malia forms the eastern stretch of a 6km long bay commencing from Stalis. This vast beach boasts fine sand and shallow water, often thrumming with life, so much so that there’s barely a gap between sunbeds! Catering to all your comfort needs, the beach offers not only standard amenities such as umbrellas and water sports but also exclusive services like beachfront massage, a beach gym, pool bars at the hotels, and more.

However, if tranquillity is what you’re after, Malia might not be the best fit. You could consider venturing east, beyond the local port, towards the serene beaches of Pirgos and Potamos.

Opposite Malia’s main beach lies a stunning spectacle – the small islet of Afendi Christos, home to the Metamorphosis tou Sotiros church. This quaint church becomes a hub of activity on August 6th each year, as many people congregate to partake in the service and the church’s festivities.

Nearby, a spring is believed by locals to contain holy water, said to aid women wishing to conceive. Accessible by a short swim from the shore, this islet offers a unique and serene experience just off the coast.

  • 11.1 km
  • Hersonissos beaches
  • Sand
  • Shallow
  • Blue

Hersonissos, a bustling tourist hotspot in Crete situated just 28km to the east of Heraklion, is renowned for its tranquil beaches and calm seas – a rarity along the northern coast of Crete due to the prevailing northern winds. The most serene beaches can be found to the west of the port, shielded by the Cape Sarandaris. Towards the east of the port, however, lie the resort’s most frequented beaches.

As you venture east from the port of Hersonissos, the first sight to greet you is a sprawling, narrow, sandy beach, buzzing with throngs of beachgoers. It’s impeccably organized and conveniently close to the city’s amenities, though it may not be the best choice for those seeking a more serene environment.

Journeying further east, a series of small, sandy coves become apparent, primarily situated in front of hotels. Of these, Silva Maris Beach stands out with its high level of organization, a lifeguard, and numerous facilities. Continuing eastwards, you’ll encounter Star Beach, one of Crete’s most populous beaches, largely patronized by British and Dutch tourists. Lastly, near Cape Drapanos lie the peaceful beaches of Eastern Hersonissos, offering a quieter seaside experience.

  • 12.3 km
  • Potamos beach - Heraklion