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Analipsis beaches

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Analipsi, or Ascension, is a village situated 20km to the east of Heraklion and is named after the Ascension of Christ church. Positioned in a fertile valley, the area is primarily utilized for olive groves. In the early 20th century, it was known as Svourou Metohi, after the Turks who owned land there. Upon Crete’s liberation from the Ottomans, Analipsi was given to the shepherds of Agios Georgios village in Lasithi Plateau as a winter grazing ground. Now, these shepherds’ fortunate descendants own expansive properties featuring hotels, shops, restaurants, and various tourist amenities.

Compared to neighboring resorts, Analipsi is less touristy and more peaceful, making it a preferred destination for families. The village front features a quaint pier with a charming church dedicated to Agia Marina. To the west of the chapel, the coast is rocky, save for a small harbor with a lovely beach. East of the chapel, you’ll find the main sandy beach of Analipsis, which is well-maintained. Though the water isn’t deep, summer months often bring waves.

A leisurely afternoon can be spent wandering through the charming alleys of the old traditional village, admiring the beautiful gardens and stone-paved square. You might also want to visit the four-aisled Ascension church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Ascension of Christ, the Holy Cross, and Saint Efrosinos. The village’s main street, lined with cafes and shops, runs perpendicular to the coast.